Freelancing copywriter & writer Helena Ekström is based in Stockholm. She has several years of experience from the advertising industry, but more importantly: She loves to tell a good story. Her expertise is in finding the right tone of voice for your brand whatever media.

Helena is a trained copywriter, educated at Berghs School of Communication. After a decade as a copywriter in advertising, branding and digital agencies in Stockholm and London she decided to work as a full time freelancer. Sugarstories has given branding a voice since 2010.

She works most often with Swedish leading brands but also love to work with start-ups and independent brands. The range of clients is from fashion to finance, education to retail. When there is a story to tell, there is a tone of voice to find.

Fashion and lifestyle are her special fields. She constantly comes back to  the fashion industry as a copywriter and writer. She has an eye for trends – but also to see beyond and dig deeper. The understanding for the industry has led to ongoing copywriting and editorial work for leading fashion  brands.

Helena also do creative direction, concept and styling for fashion brands.



Copywriting, concept/strategies, campaigns
Online copywriting and content marketing
Creatived direction
Editorial work: articles, interviews and features
Editor (magazines and online)
Native advertising/advertorial